How Many Pizzas for 50 People? A Complete Guide for You


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What are sizes of pizza?

Are you planning an event and wondering how much pizza to order for fifty people? Stop worrying now. We’re here to help you understand a few crucial factors to take into account when estimating the quantity of pizza required for your gathering. We’ve got you covered, whether you need enough slices to satisfy everyone in attendance without leaving too many leftovers or you need enough options to accommodate various dietary restrictions. Read on as we describe the steps necessary for precisely figuring out how many pizzas for 50 people are best.

What are sizes of pizza?

Pizza comes in three standard sizes when you order it: small (12 inches), medium (14 inches), and large (16 inches). The sizes, though, differ depending on the pizza shop or delivery service. For instance, some stores might offer an extra-large option in a larger size.

When estimating how many pizzas your group of fifty people will need, it’s important to take the size of your pizza into account. One slice equals one serving per person, so if fifty people will be attending your event, you will need fifty slices altogether. This could entail ordering two to five pizzas, depending on the kind of pizzas you intend to serve and their individual sizes.

Calculating how many pizzas you need

Start by estimating how many slices each person will eat to determine exactly how much pizza you’ll need. Consider any dietary restrictions and potential hunger levels of your guests, and make adjustments as necessary. Once you’ve determined the approximate number of slices each person will have, multiply that figure by 50 to arrive at the total number of pizza slices needed for your group of fifty. The final step is to divide the total number of pizza slices by 8, which is the typical number for a 12-inch pizza. Now you can determine exactly how many pizzas to order.

What are sizes of pizza?
What are sizes of pizza?

How many pizza slices for each person?

The next step is to determine how many pizzas will need to be ordered and how many slices should be given to each person. Children should only have one slice of pizza per person, while adults and teenagers are more likely to eat two or three slices each.
If your group is made up of people of different ages, take the time to calculate the proportion of each age group so that you don’t overestimate or underestimate the number of pizzas required. For instance, if ten percent of your group is made up of kids and ninety percent are adults/teens, then make sure to adjust your order accordingly.

How many pizzas for 50 people?

In the end, how many pizzas you’ll need to buy will depend on how big your group is and how hungry everyone is. You can figure out how many pizzas to order for a gathering of fifty people by using the straightforward instructions and calculations above. With this information in hand, you can rest assured that everyone will be provided with enough food to satisfy their cravings.

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How many pizzas for 50 people that are adults?

Generally speaking, depending on how much they will eat, it is best to order between 8 and 10 pizzas for 50 adults. Some might only want one slice, while others might choose two or more. When figuring out how many pizzas are required, take into account the preferences of your particular group.

How many pizzas for 50 people that are children?

You’ll probably require 5–6 pizzas in total for 50 kids. Children typically only require one or two slices per person rather than the multiple slices that adults typically require.

How many pizzas for 50 people?
How many pizzas for 50 people?

How many pizzas for 50 people that both are adults and children?

About 12 pizzas should be sufficient if there are both adults and children in the group. Plan for 15–16 pizzas overall if you want to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

How many pizzas for 50 people by brands?

The number of pizzas required will also depend on the brand of pizza you select. If placing an order from a typical chain restaurant like Domino’s or Pizza Hut, each 12-inch pizza usually comes with eight slices. It’s best to use our formula to determine how many pizzas, based on this size, you require. However, be sure to adjust your calculations if you order from a more upscale restaurant where the size varies.

What affect the number of pizzas for 50 people?

A few additional elements can affect how many pizzas you’ll need to feed 50 people. For instance, you’ll need more pies if you’re providing different pizza varieties and/or cheeseless options. Additionally, serving salad or other side dishes may help to cut down on the amount of pizza needed to feed everyone.

How many slices in a 16 inch pizza?

What you should consider when ordering pizzas for 50 people?

When ordering pizzas for fifty people, it’s important to consider the size of your group, type of pizza, and any dietary restrictions you need to account for, and the appetites of each individual.

Two small pizzas (or one large pizza), on average, will suffice to feed four people, so if you’re expecting fifty guests, it’s best to order between twelve and twenty-five pizzas.

With these considerations in mind, you can use our advice and the calculations above to figure out the precise number of pies that will satisfy everyone attending your event.

How to order pizzas for 50 people?

When you know how much pizza you’ll need, it’s time to place your order. When placing an order at a chain restaurant like Domino’s or Pizza Hut, you can ordinarily just call and tell them how many pies and toppings you want. However, you might need to go to their website or use an app to place your order for more upscale restaurants.

How to choose pizza toppings for 50 people?

It can be challenging to decide on pizza toppings for a large gathering. It’s best to provide a variety of options that will appeal to many different tastes. This could mean offering cheese pizzas, pepperoni, sausage, veggie-topped pies, and even dessert pizzas like Nutella or S’mores. However, you can also get inventive and provide specialty pizzas to mix things up.

In order to prevent anyone from feeling excluded, be sure to keep in mind any applicable dietary restrictions.

Tips to order pizzas for 50 people

There are a few suggestions to keep in mind to make the process of ordering pizza for a large group go more smoothly. First, make an effort to order a few days in advance to guarantee availability. Additionally, pre-slicing the pizzas before serving is a good idea because it will save time and make it easier for everyone to eat. In order to avoid making guests wait too long for one person to pay in full, think about providing a variety of payment options.

Tips to order pizzas for a large crowd
Tips to order pizzas for a large crowd

Conclusion: How many pizzas for 50 people?

It need not be intimidating to figure out how many pizzas to order for 50 people. This comprehensive guide makes it simple to calculate the precise quantity of pizza required for your crowd. You’ll be sure to get just the right amount of pizza for a delicious meal if you keep in mind to account for dietary restrictions and individual appetites.

FAQ: pizzas for 50 people

For 40 people, how many pizzas am I going to need?

We advise making 6 large pizzas, slicing each one into 8 pieces, and serving 2-3 slices per person to feed your hungry guests. Alternately, plan for 8–9 pies if you're serving smaller pizzas to make sure everyone has their fill.

For 60 people, how many pizzas do I need?

You'll need about 8 12-inch pizzas with 8 slices each to serve 60 people. You would only need 5 to 6 pizzas if you opt for 16-inch pizzas with 12 slices per pizza.

How much pizza should you order for a party?

Make sure you order just the right amount of pizza to satisfy your guests. Assume that each visitor will eat three slices of pizza, and that a large pizza typically serves eight slices, according to the 3/8 rule. To make sure you have enough, round up to the next whole number and place your order in accordance with the specifications of your event.

How many slices of pizza would 30 adults need?

How to Calculate the Right Amount of Pizza for a Big Party: If you're having a party for 30 people, you'll need about 10 large pizzas to feed everyone. This calculation assumes that there will be 2.5 slices of pizza per person, for a total of 75 slices. If a large pizza has 8 slices, multiplying 75 by 8 will yield the approximate number of pizzas needed.

20 people need how many large pizzas to be fed?

It is wise to purchase 8 large pizzas in order to feed 20 adults. Despite the fact that this number might seem unimportant, there is a useful pizza ordering technique that can help in obtaining the right quantity to serve any crowd. Keep in mind the 3/8 pizza rule when feeding adults at a typical mealtime.

100 people need how many large pizzas to be fed?

It's essential to decide how much food to order when estimating the number of attendees for an event. Simply multiply the total number of guests by 3/8 to determine how many pizzas to order. For instance, you would need to order 38 pizzas for 100 guests. (100 x 3/8 = 37.5).

40 people need how many medium pizzas to be fed.

The general rule is to order two slices of pizza per person to ensure that everyone is satisfied and content. We advise ordering at least 20 pizzas for a gathering of 40 people. Additionally, ordering an extra pie or two will ensure leftovers and everyone's satisfaction.

How many pizza slices do I need to serve 17 adults?

Three slices per adult and two slices per child should be used as a starting point when estimating how many pizzas you will need for your party. However, it is advisable to add an extra slice or two per person to ensure there will be plenty available if you anticipate having guests with large appetites.

For 60 people, how many Costco pizzas will I need?

It is advised to purchase 10 large pizzas from Costco to feed a party of 60 people. 9 pizzas would be sufficient for your guests' appetites if you intend to serve additional snacks or side dishes.

For 18 people, how many pizzas do I need?

The quantity of slices per pizza should be taken into account when determining how many to order for a party of 20 people. Three slices per person is a good estimate to use as a general guideline. So, a total of 60 slices are required. However, it's important to remember that restaurants and pizzerias may have different standard slice sizes. Based on the calculation of 60 slices divided by 8, it is advised to call the restaurant and order eight pizzas to ensure adequate pizza coverage.

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